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Arif Salam

Arif Salam is a Chief Engineer for Electromechanical Actuation Controls and Electric Power Systems at Honeywell Aerospace. He is currently the Principal Investigator for ARPA-E ASCEND project and the chief engineer for actuation controls and electric propulsion systems for UAM applications. He has expertise in electric propulsion systems, electromechanical actuation controls, electric drive systems, electric traction drive systems, and PM electric power generation systems. He has extensive experience in systems engineering and led many projects including power generation system for NG Jammer, high speed electric drives for ECS applications, and electric drive systems for ground and air vehicles. Arif has been with Honeywell for 18 years. Prior to joining Honeywell Aerospace, he worked in the field of industrial automation and developed Auto-ID products, industrial drives, and high precision micro-machining products. He holds BSEE and Master’s degrees in Electrical and Systems Engineering.


Autonomous advanced air mobility using AI

The progression of electric and hybrid air mobility will be reviewed in line with the implementation of autonomous operation and artificial intelligence (AI) utilization. An entry into service roadmap will be presented for different classes of aircraft. Major obstacles for entry will be shown and quantified based on the platform's progression. Powertrain selection and the rationale for different vehicles will be included. Provisions for improvements and further progression will be presented and quantified. The progress is heavily dependent on an aggressive AI and autonomy use. Important conclusions will be summarized at the end.