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Norman Wood

Dr Norman Wood spent 25+ years in academia with periods at Stanford and the Universities of Bath and Manchester. At Manchester he was a Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Head of the Manchester School of Engineering. In 2005 Dr Wood joined Airbus in Bristol, UK as an Expert in Aerodynamics and Flow Control within the wing design team. He led a number of European and UK research activities and was involved on numerous activities related to flight testing of Airbus aircraft in Toulouse. In 2021 he joined GKN Aerospace as a Technical Authority for Aircraft Design within the H2GEAR project. He has been responsible for both the development of a whole aircraft design capability and the generation of hydrogen fuel cell aircraft concepts. He was recently promoted to Technical Fellow within GKN aerospace.


Comparison of cryogenic and conventional hydrogen electric powertrains for 48- and 96-pax concepts

This presentation will appraise the differences between cryogenic (e.g. hyperconducting) and conventional fuel cell powertrains and their impact upon the performance and scalability of fuel cell aircraft. The focus of this presentation is the application of PEM fuel cells as well as the application of technologies with the potential for an EIS between 2032 and 2040.