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Mike Hales

Mike Hales is currently Technical Authority, Aircraft Systems Architect within the Horizon3 technology organisation in GKN Aerospace. Based in the GKN Global Technology Centre opened in Filton, UK, Mike has overall responsibility for the systems architecture and the teams designing the novel fuel cell based aerospace powertrain within H2GEAR, including technical work from both industrial and academic partners. A Chartered Engineer and Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Mike is passionate about the transition of aircraft propulsion systems to electrified sustainable solutions in support of the worldwide net zero transition; as well as the promotion of a highly and diversely skilled resource and knowledge base within the industry to tackle the emerging technical challenges with disruptive aircraft system technologies.


Comparison of cryogenic and conventional hydrogen electric powertrains for 48- and 96-pax concepts

This presentation will appraise the differences between cryogenic (e.g. hyperconducting) and conventional fuel cell powertrains and their impact upon the performance and scalability of fuel cell aircraft. The focus of this presentation is the application of PEM fuel cells as well as the application of technologies with the potential for an EIS between 2032 and 2040.