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Martin Rogall

Dr. Martin Rogall joined Qdot Technology in 2021 as the head of battery development. Martin studied electrical engineering and industrial management in Germany, and then earned an engineering doctorate with WMG and EDF Energy at the University of Warwick. Martin has spent 7 years researching battery technologies, from lead-acid batteries in grid applications to lithium-ion batteries in e-mobility.


Optimizing aircraft battery performance via thermal management

Electrification of propulsion systems demands batteries with long cycle lives, a high energy density and rapid rechargeability. Battery temperature plays a major role in all three, significantly reducing the battery’s operating performance and capacity, in addition to introducing safety and stability concerns. Therefore, effective thermal management is a key factor in enabling the adoption of all-electric aircraft. The conventional approach to thermal management merely entails the prevention of overheating. However, as will be laid out in this presentation, it can instead be leveraged to optimize the performance, safety and durability of hybrid electric propulsion systems for UAVs and UAM.