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Carlos Javier Munoz Garcia

Carlos Muñoz is the EASA expert on New Electrical Technologies since 2015 working in certification and normative development for Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Aircraft, mainly in the field of propulsion batteries and high voltage systems. He was the electrical expert in the certification of the full electric LSA Pipistrel VELIS, and it is currently working on the certification of all kind of electric and hybrid aircraft, from gliders and CS-23 airplanes to eVTOLs. He is the EASA representative in EUROCAE WG 112 eVTOL SG1 “Electrical” that develops new standards for propulsion batteries and high voltage systems, and he was EASA representative in the RTCA committee that developed the DO-311A Rechargeable Lithium Batteries and Battery Systems Qualification Standard. He has recently published EASA MOC-3 “VTOL.2440 Propulsion Batteries Thermal Runaway for VTOL category enhanced”. He received his degree in Electronic Engineer and Physics from Complutense University of Madrid.


Certification of propulsion batteries as a key enabler for electric and hybrid

One of the key enablers for electric aircraft is propulsion batteries. As with any relatively new technology, there is limited experience of their use as energy storage devices in electric/hybrid aerial vehicles. Lithium batteries have specific failure, operational and maintenance characteristics that differ from conventional batteries currently covered by normative aviation certification. Therefore, new appropriate certification materials and qualification standards have been established to ensure that these battery installations do not have hazardous or unreliable design characteristics. The presentation will give an overview of the certification materials and qualification standards used in the certification of propulsion batteries.