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William Llobregt

William is a member of the “New Energies & Concepts” team, within the propulsion engineering community at Airbus. He started his career working on system test means, in particular on power generation and flight control actuation systems. Prior to his current role, he joined and led the Propulsion MAP (Mise Au Point) team, supporting experimental and production flight tests, from design to deliveries, for more than 10 years. Recognized for dedication and experienced in field operations, he is an asset in the R&T domain, to further support decarbonisation and to make it happen.


EcoPulse™ - a distributed electric propulsion demonstrator

Exploring and pushing forward technological bricks on Distributed Electric Propulsion, that is the goal of the flight demonstrator EcopulseTM. This collaborative project is undertaken with Airbus, Daher, Safran, with the support of France’s Civil Aviation Research Council (CORAC) and French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), to enable our future aircraft to further support decarbonisation. Airbus is involved in the development of a high-energy-density battery, aerodynamic and acoustic integration and the development of a Flight Control computer system. Some key objectives are to contribute to new-energy learnings, to identify appropriate methods and associated simulation models, and to evaluate aerodynamic and acoustic gains.