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Nikhil Sachdeva

Nikhil is a thought leader in sustainable aviation and leads Roland Berger’s work into how the aviation sector can transition to more climate-friendly technologies, from electrical propulsion to hydrogen and SAFs. He holds a master’s in engineering from Imperial College and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.


Aviation’s roadmap to true zero

Aviation’s global share of CO2 emissions is expected to increase over time given the relative maturity of decarbonization solutions across other industries, and the footprint of its non-CO2 effects such as contrails and NOx can be as much as two to four times that of CO2 alone. The Roland Berger Roadmap to True Zero for the global aviation sector focuses on six key levers for potential mitigation strategies, building on analysis of a broad range of potential outlooks, assumptions and emission sensitivities to develop five scenarios, each with a focus to bring aviation’s total climate impact down to true zero, including both CO2 and non-CO2 effects.