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Christoph Gentner

Dr. Gentner works as a research group leader at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics. After his academic education as a marine engineer and naval architect, he worked on the "Integration of Fuel Cells into Marine Systems" and received his PhD from the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) in 2018. In the Energy Systems Integration department, Mr. Gentner works on the development of numerical methods for the design of aircraft fuel cell systems. He also coordinates experimental work on fuel cell stacks and systems at the DLR Fuel Cell Lab Hamburg.


Challenges of hydrogen fuel cell powertrains for aircraft applications

This presentation provides an overview of the integration of hydrogen fuel cell powertrains in aviation. The focus is on the assessment of suitable aircraft types and the anatomy of the energy system. In addition, the presentation delves into the critical aspects of sizing aircraft fuel cell systems. The interplay between the hydrogen fuel cell energy system and the aircraft is also discussed. Finally, the presentation covers the use of liquid- or air-cooled fuel cell stacks, the function of air compressors, strategies for cold start and measures to maintain optimal membrane humidity conditions.