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Chris Gerada

Professor Gerada has worked on aircraft electrification technologies for the last 20 years and has secured major industrial, European and UK grants, authored more than 200 papers and has been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair to consolidate research in the field. He was awarded the Grand Nagamori Award by the Nagamori Foundation for his contributions to advances in high-performance electrical machines and their industrial application and uptake.


Development and manufacturing roadmaps for high-performance electrical machines

Innovative technologies and manufacturing processes are key in developing propulsion drivetrains which can meet the demanding requirements for more-electric flight. The presentation will cover roadmaps for key enabling technologies and manufacturing processes to enable wider adoption of electrified drivetrains. Cross-sectoral learnings from automotive and other industries will be brought to bear. A number of case studies of technology demonstrators will be presented to highlight how innovative roadmaps can impact key performance metrics.