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Michael Sielemann

Michael, a Fulbright alumnus, holds MSc and PhD degrees in aerospace and mechanical engineering (University of Stuttgart, Georgia Tech, Hamburg Institute of Technology). He previously worked at DLR, the German Aerospace Center, both as a research engineer and as acting head of department. He is currently aerospace industry director at Modelon, a model-based design pioneer. Michael has held leadership positions in product management and development and proprietary engagements, in addition to a position as principal investigator.


Simulation software in sustainable aviation: from hybrid electric to hydrogen electric aircraft

The most promising opportunities to improve aircraft efficiency and overall sustainability are in electrified propulsion concepts. These are designed and assessed virtually using simulation software. Here, the right amount of detail is required to allow informed decision making. However, it is slow and expensive to introduce superfluous detail. This presentation summarizes some typical choices in representing key components of propulsion concepts ranging from hybrid electric to hydrogen electric aircraft, and describes how their strengths and limitations cascade to aircraft-level projections.