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Yves Gerster

As an Aerospace Engineer Yves Gerster worked for multiple OEMs such as Pilatus Aircraft in Switzerland. He took on several engineering roles in mechanical systems engineering, testing and certification. For three years Yves is the Aerospace Industry Manager for Speedgoat working with many Aerospace customers globally to further push the boundaries of innovation in Aerospace through design and test methods.


Hardware-in-the-loop testing of aircraft controllers

Explore next-generation aerospace design and testing workflows. Understand how hardware-in-the-loop testing expedites the testing and certification of hybrid, VTOL, or conventional aircraft. We will present examples of real-world certification processes and provide an overview of tools and methodologies that streamline the design verification phase. Moreover, delve deeper into battery testing, cell emulation, and powertrain development using Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat real-time target machines.