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Cristian Anghel

Cristian has a Master of Applied Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada. He joined Honeywell Aerospace 27 years ago as a systems engineer and is currently a senior technology fellow within aerospace advanced technology. Cristian is an industry-recognized technical expert for electric power and starter/generator systems. His major interests and expertise are in electric power architectures with a focus on power generation and integration with the engine, conversion/distribution and management. He has multiple patents in these areas. As chief systems architect, he was responsible for the design, development and validation of several aircraft power systems.


Selecting 1MW class motors and generators for aerospace hybrid electric propulsion

Recently 1MW class electric motors and generators have become one of the key technologies that support the goals of hybrid electric propulsion such as driving overall system efficiencies as high as possible and reducing system weight by increasing the power density and system simplicity. This presentation compares the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of efficient, high-power density 1MW class electric machines based on permanent magnet and wound field technologies. Honeywell has an unparalleled generator and motor range for aerospace, based on more than 100 years of innovation and product development and has recently demonstrated an aerospace-grade 1MW electric machine.