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William Tahil

Having attended Cambridge University, Tahil established Meridian International Research in 1991. Meridian. Meridian is an independent technology research consultancy with a particular focus on renewable energy. Selected Publications include ‘Market for 550 Seater Aircraft’; ‘Advanced Propulsion Systems Study’; ‘Market Potential for Supersonic Business Jet’; ‘Peak Oil – the EV Imperative’; ‘The Trouble with Lithium’; ‘The Advanced EV Technology Report’; ‘The Belousov-Zhabotinsky Battery’; ‘Applications of Chaos Theory to Fluid Mechanics’; ‘Analysis of a Tesla Turbine’; ‘The Zinc Air Economy’; ‘A Supercritical CO2 Closed Cycle Turbofan’; ‘A Pulse-Driven Repulsion Electric Motor’; and ‘Quantum Entanglement and Morphogenetic Fields explained by Quaternion 4D Geometry’.


Application of the Coanda effect to eVTOL design

Research into the Coanda effect or fluid entrainment has been ongoing for 100 years. Fascinating results in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic performance have been achieved with the most notable application being the rotorless helicopter tail control system, NOTAR. Adoption of the technology by the legacy aerospace industry has been slow; therefore Coanda technology presents an opportunity for the new generation to significantly improve the marginal performance of eVTOL aircraft using fluid flow entrainment design principles. This presentation forms a review of the most significant research results that have been published and potential design improvements and benefits for future eVTOL aircraft.